Powderplast ™ want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product to us and we will either repair / replace it, or credit your account, subject to the terms of this policy. This Policy applies to products bought from Powderplast ™ itself and from approved Third Party Sellers only.

Certain parts of this Policy do not apply to, reconditioned products or used products, and this is written down in the relevant sections of the policy. This Policy forms part of the Powderplast ™ Terms and Conditions of Sale, and so words defined in the Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this Policy, unless the context says otherwise. Nothing in this Policy is intended to limit your statutory rights in any way.

Unwanted products
You can return an unwanted product to us at no charge, provided:

It is single sale product not part of a bundle or discount deal
It is a single purchase and not a bulk transaction involving more than one product
It is undamaged and unused, with the original labels and stickers still attached
Save in relation to discount deals, reconditioned products and used products, it is in the original packaging, which must be undamaged and in its original condition with all seals still intact (if applicable)
It is not missing any accessories or parts
An application form has been filled out accompanied by all relevant documentation within 7 days of delivery to you or collection by you of the unwanted product. After 7 days, you can only return a product if it is defective
An unreturnable product such as septic tank starters or Accessories
A product which has been personalised for you or made to your specifications; Colour – Name Plate – extra fittings added – is not returnable
A sub-assembly product that has been assembled after delivery.
Any cost in delivering or collection the product may be levied by the return’s approval section of the Product Return Application Form

2 Products damaged on delivery

Should a product be damaged or missing any parts or accessories at the time of delivery / collection, please let us know within 7 days of such delivery / collection.
We will arrange to collect the product from you at no charge. Once we have inspected the product and confirmed your return, we will at your choice repair / replace the product as soon as possible (if such repair is possible/ we have the same product in stock to use as a replacement) or credit your account with the purchase price of the product (or refund you if that is your preference).

3 Defective products

We do our best to ensure that the products we deliver to you are of a high quality, and in good working order and without defects. Powderplast™ products are subjected to rigorous quality testing, but in the case of a defect the warranty claim procedure will apply.
What is a defect? A defect is a material imperfection in the manufacture of a product or any characteristic of a product, which makes the product less acceptable than one would reasonably be entitled to expect in the circumstances.
The following will NOT be regarded as defects and will not entitle you to a return under this section 3:

Faults resulting from normal wear and tear.
Damage arising from negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the product.
Damage arising from corrosion.
Damage arising from a failure to adequately care for the product
Damage arising from unauthorized alterations to the product
Where the specifications of a product, although accurately described on the Website and generally fit for its intended purpose, do not suit you; and
In relation to discount deals or used products, signs of handling and/or repackaging.
If the return is approved despite these exclusions as a gesture of good will the standard return cost may apply. Any cost in delivering or collection the product may be levied per the return’s approval section of the Product Return Application Form

4 Gift Vouchers, Coupons, Bundle Deals and Discounts

Any refund or exchange of product can only be done per the price paid for the product, less cost where applicable, and the terms and conditions held within.

The following guidelines may apply:

Gift Vouchers – refunds can only be made in the account of the purchaser not to a third party irrespective whether such applicant may be the beneficiary of a gift voucher
Bundle deals may make up of a particular composition of products. For that reason, a return of part of the deal may not be possible.
Vouchers and discounts may be based on certain conditions such as clearing old stock or goodwill to a suffering community. Because of such conditions a return may not be possible
5 Un-returnable items

It may not be possible to return perishable products such as septic starters or other product which may be affected by handling

6 Charges and refunds

Powderplast™ levies a standard 20% returns-fee based on the extraordinary requirements for transportation and delivery of the product. The following factors may be applicable.

If the product was collected the returns-fee may be reduced or waived
If the cost associated with the handling or delivery of the product exceeds the standard 20%, other cost may be levied
The accountable manager will make a cost determination and note it on the Product Returns Application Form when it is approved.
Site inspection may be needed to decide whether a product is returnable. If so, cost of such expense may be levied.
Pump Returns
If a pump is returned due to an electrical fault resulting from a power surge during Eskom outages, Powderplast™ will not be held responsible. Powderplast™ recommends the installation of power surge protection to prevent such situations.

In the event of a faulty pump, we will send the unit to the manufacturer for assessment and follow their recommendations. Powderplast™ is not responsible for covering the costs of pickup, courier services, or reinstallation of the unit.

Before contacting Powderplast™ , it is advisable to have your installer check for any leaks, blockages, or electrical faults.

Delivery times may vary, especially in areas experiencing water crises. We will make every effort to deliver our products as promptly as possible. However, delivery times may be extended to up to 10 working days in such situations. We will keep you informed through our communication systems.